3 Rescue Rottweillers being delivered to your house, as agreed, on Saturday!

3 big ugly vicious Rottweiller dogs are being delivered to your victim’s house for canine foster-care!

EDITABLE .doc file with 0845 number will be unobtainable or just rings forever.  Convincing letterhead with website (under construction) adds to the credence of this disturbing wind-up! Letter suggests use of heavy leather gloves . . .

Only US $ 4.99 or sterling equivalent

revenge spoof letterhead screenshot

Please note: We do NOT condone people causing others distress by the use of our novelty products. If you choose to send this letter, we urge your using these editable templates in a way which will let your victim ‘off the hook’ after the initial impact!  For example you could create a free email address and put it at the foot of the letter, replying to your victim with ‘Ha Ha, you’ve been wound-up!’ when they send their enraged message.

However you use these letters is up to you, but PLEASE use careful judgement