Roman Coins Under Your Victim’s Shed!

Your victim has priceless roman coins under their shed / outhouse / patio / whatever. You choose where!
A government-seconded company is writing to your victim; satellite imagery has found artefacts, which they can claim as treasure-trove. They may move or dismantle their shed / patio/ outhouse gazebo or whatever!

Convincing editable letter & professional letterhead even has a working website address (under construction). Phone number is a related government department.

1) Download the hoax letter and edit to your requirement.
2) Find your victim’s house on Google maps and send a print-off with the offending structure outlined in highlighter pen (as the letter states).
3) Enjoy the thought of your victim’s labours as (s)he digs under the patio!
4) Make sure you let them off the hook eventually. We don’t condone hurtful hoaxing, see the legal disclaimer.

For just US $ 4.99 or sterling equivalent

Excerpt of letter reads:

We are authorised to inform you that we have very strong reason to believe that there is a substantial amount of rare Roman coinage and other artefacts under your ( Garage / Porch / Garden Shed / Whatever). . .

. . . Our state of the art satellite technology, which can detect through buildings and around 60cm of topsoil, has identified certain underground metal objects in 3D. We are hereby applying to you for permission to excavate at the earliest opportunity . . .

. . . Of course, we are obliged to inform you that you can excavate yourself. . .

. . . We attach a printed map of your property using Google Satellite Imagery. The area marked by highlighter represents the closest spot where we would excavate. One of our representatives will call very soon; in the meantime, you could clear the area of any movable garden buildings, paving slabs etc.
get revenge with a hoax treasure find