Rude Skype Messages

Send messages by Skype from your PC or Laptop, ensuring that you don’t enable the sender ID to display your own mobile phone number.

revenge by offensive skype messageWhen sending SMS messages from Skype, recipients of your message will, by default, see the first 11 characters from your Skype Name (for example, if your Skype Name is you-asshole, your text recipient will see you-asshole), and they won’t be able to reply to your text message.

Simply create a Skype account, you will only be able to create an offensive Skype name if you create your real name as that offensive phrase, hence you could try something like:

  • First Name: U-Big Last name: Wanker
  • First Name: F*ck Last name: OffC*nt

top up with the minimum amount of credit via Paypal and send your offensive message.

You might be interested to try making up some sweary phrases with 11 characters inc spaces.

See our LEGAL DISCLAIMERwe don’t encourage or condone people breaking the Skype code of conduct nor anyone sending offensive messages, this is not intended as advice, it is for entertainment value ONLY!