We’re Bringing Two Old Ladies to Live at your House

Imagine two crochety old incontinent hags turning up at your house, delivered by two nurses!
They’re going to drop the old codgers off for a fortnights’ fostering, and YOUR VICTIM will be the lucky carer!

Downloadable .doc EDITABLE letter with convincing letterhead and a website (that appears to be under construction) for aurthenticity. 0845 phone number will just keep ringing (or be unobtainable).

old person spoof revenge letter Excerpt of letter reads:

As your application states that you have expressed your wish to foster two ladies at a time, we are delighted to inform you that we shall be bringing Margaret  and Agnes  on Saturday (date here) for a fortnight’s respite care. The staff at the Laurels will certainly be relieved!

We were pleased to see on our home inspection visit that you had adapted your downstairs accommodation so well that two ladies can be wheeled into the bathroom. As discussed, we will provide sufficient incontinence products. . . .

Please note: We do NOT condone people causing others distress by the use of our novelty products. If you choose to send this letter, we urge your using these editable templates in a way which will let your victim ‘off the hook’ after the initial impact!  For example you could create a free email address and put it at the foot of the letter, replying to your victim with ‘Ha Ha, you’ve been wound-up!’ when they send their enraged message.

However you use these letters is up to you, but PLEASE use careful judgement!