You Have Volunteered to Foster Homeless Children!

Editable Spoof letter in .doc format with convincing letterhead.

There is even a website (which appears to be under construction) when the recipient types the web address into their browser.

The 0845 phone number never answers. Cost US$ 4.99 or sterling equivalent.

spoof revenge letter

Shortened excerpt of Letter reads:

Dear Mr/Ms Victim,

I am delighted to confirm that your enhanced police clearance and references have been carefully checked, and that you are now an active member of our  assistance team. Everyone here at IF would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generosity of voluntary unpaid help.


We shall be bringing the children on (date) for you to foster for that week. Whilst most itinerant children have proved generally trustworthy in the past, it might be sensible for you to keep any cash / valuables / credit cards under lock and key; blah blah. . .

Blah blah. . . .  our junior clients tend to become less agitated when supplied with cigarettes and cider on request. We look forward to seeing you on (date) and thank you again.

Please note: We do NOT condone people causing others distress by the use of our novelty products. If you choose to send this letter, we urge your using these editable templates in a way which will let your victim ‘off the hook’ after the initial impact!  For example you could create a free email address and put it at the foot of the letter, replying to your victim with ‘Ha Ha, you’ve been wound-up!’ when they send their enraged message.

However you use these letters is up to you, but PLEASE use careful judgement!