Your Victim Will E-mail a Photo of Themselves in their Undies!

Persuade your self-obsessed revenge victim to send you an embarrasing photo!

(They’ll think you’re from a TV production company!)

revenge technique with young man posing in underwearReality TV, the culture of celebrity, X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent; there are a thousand TV programmes where the public will make idiots of themselves at the drop of a hat. Your victim will receive a letter urging them to send a picture of themselves in their naughtiest underwear to the spoof TV production company on the convincing letterhead.

spoof revenge letter

Excerpt of letter reads:

“We are delighted to inform you that you were picked at random. . . to audition for a new reality TV show called ‘ <see letter, search engine block here>’.

. . . Contestants will perform a variety of day to day tasks such as ironing, cleaning the car, vacuum-cleaning their front room carpets or whatever, but will do so in just their favourite underwear.
. . . The undies that perform the best moves will win an ‘invisible modelling’ contract with a leading underwear company, and the video made available via i-tunes and DVD. Substantial royalties and opportunities for future TV appearances will, of course, follow.
If you are interested, please e-mail a good quality full-length photo of yourself in your underwear (you may obscure or cut-off your face at this stage if you wish) to: <see instructions> and I will contact you again on receipt.
Yours Sincerely,
Made up name
Research Team

The company’s phone number will ring and ring or go to answerphone, their website is under reconstruction (try it!) but here’s the best bit, the E-Mailed Photo will go to YOU!!

spoof letter encouraging victim to pose in underwearStep 1: Download the editable letter and letterhead using the template provided (just US $ 4.99 or Sterling equivalent)

Step 2) Create a free email address with gmail using the format on the instructions provided.

Step 3) transfer the e-mail address you created onto the letter, print and send.

Step 4) Wait for your victim to send you a picture of him / herself in their best underwear.

Naturally, we would NOT condone anyone publishing this picture on the internet, that would be most unfair!

N.B. Please do not send this to anyone who might be disturbed or upset by this. See our legal disclaimer if in doubt.