Get Revenge By Making Your Enemy Security Conscious

Is your enemy a bit of a health freak?

You know what I mean – the sort of person who cycles everywhere: to work, the shops or wherever.

Well that’s all fine and dandy but the problem these days is that there are a lot of theives about and you, being the helpful kind of person you are, think that your enemy is not security conscious enough.

So surely it’s your duty as a “helpful citizen” to help them protect their valuables … in this case their bicycle.

So here’s what you do :-)

Go out and buy a really good bike padlock – the best that you can find.

Then follow your enemy and when the park their bike up, even if they padlock it themselves, simply go up to their bike and apply your padlock as well … after all, you can never be too careful and so surely 2 padlocks are better than one and you are, after all, looking out for their best interests.

Best of all though, this is completely legal!!!

How amazing is that!!!