Revenge By Post

This technique for getting even is what I call Revenge by Post, and it is perfect to get your own back on a ex partner, co-worker or boss. It uses the embarrassment technique that will be used to deliver your anonymous revenge, so it helps if your “mark” is the type easily embarrassed.

Find an empty cardboard box, glue on an address label to the place where your target works. Now comes the creative bit, you need to get a nice big label printed on your computer with something really embarrassing on it. Here are some ideas I have thought of:

STD Home Test Kit

Brenda Big Boobs Blow Up Doll

Heavy Duty Penis Enlarger

Have a good think and something will spring to mind – when you come up with the idea which is perfect for you and the situation. The key is to make the parcel look like it as an official package, you can use a computer to print labels, and maybe a fragile or THIS WAY UP sticker on it too just to add some authenticity. Now the second step is to find a way to post the package anonymously to your target. Do not send in the city or town where you live! This idea for revenge works really well if the target is working in an open office and the mail is delivered centrally, so there is no escape from the embarrassment when your package arrives! Revenge By Post-mission complete.