Writing The Perfect Revenge

I don’t know about you, but unless it’s junk mail, I always open my post.

Perhaps it’s because of some distant childhood memory of me playing postman at the weekends and rushing to collect the post from the front door to deliver to my parents.

 Whatever it is though, even to this day, I look forward to getting something in the post … and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

 In this age of emails and text messages, letters somehow seem to carry a lot more authority and for those of us who like getting revenge, this means that we have a perfect tool for delivering a powerful message.

 But the question is, who should you write to and what should you say?

 This all depends upon what it is that you want to achieve and obviously you know your situation better than we do, but how about some of these:

 - – - -

 Write an angry letter from your ex to the local authority/garbage collection company complaining that the workers on his route aren’t picking up all the rubbish, or are littering, shouting obscenities, making passes at your teenage daughter etc. The company boss will be legally obliged to call a “team meeting” to discuss the complaint and without a shadow of a doubt, the garbage team will soon zero in on the “liar” on their route.

 - – - -

 With the holiday season fast approaching (where has this year gone!!!), many companies will be holding office parties and other social events. If your ex traditionally has one of these, then a letter to the company’s owner or HR department reminding them that last year your ex sexually assaulted members of staff while partying to excess. As a concerned employee, could they issue a formal memo reminding staff to behave appropriately. While your ex will not be named in the memo, rumours and gossip spread like wild fire in most offices and so the damage will have been done.

 - – - -

 Most tax authorities and other legal departments have a postal contact address. Simply write to the authority of your choosing disclosing some irregularities or concerns you have about your ex’s tax returns, undeclared income from a side business etc

 If you don’t want to write about tax, then Google “crime stoppers” to find your local branch. They too will have an anonymous “whistle blower” address where you can alert the authorities to an alleged crime.

- – - -

 If you’re ex lives in a neighbourhood, then surely the neighbours should be alerted to what is really happening at your ex’s house.

 Wouldn’t you want to know if there was satan worship going on across the road to you? Or a small scale pornography production studio?

 If your ex has a new car or other visible home improvement, then alert the neighbours that the reason they can afford this new luxury (especially in the current economic climate) is because of their drug dealing.

 Has there been a spate of thefts in the local area – alert the neighbours to your concerns that your ex may well have something to do with this.

- – - -

 We could go on forever with these ideas but as mentioned earlier, you know your ex’s situation better than we do and so you are best placed to be creative…what we’ve given above are just some theme examples to get your creative juices flowing.

 To further inspire you to write a letter look at this range of letters, packages and cards.

 Happy writing!