Christmas Payback

Well, Christmas will soon be upon us … for some people, a fantastic time of year, for some people who are maybe missing friends or family members, not a great time. I personally know someone who says that a cup of coffee and a bacon sandwich would be a fantastic Xmas meal if they just knew that their loved ones are warm and safe!

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

ANYHOW – here’s a very simple (and therefore overlooked) tactic which can be employed VERY effectively.

At Xmas time, people send Xmas cards. (Duh!). Especially large companies! The big bosses sign little Xmas cards to staff telling them how much their hard work is appreciated. (yeah right!) we all know this is a buttering up process to try to get you to work harder in the new year.

Now, usually, you would have a problem getting out of the building carrying anything which someone senior had signed, like any sort of report or office memo, but at this time of year you can legitimately go home with your delightful little Xmas card…

Place it straight onto your scanner…

And add the boss’ signature to whatever you wish….

What can this be used for? Really, anything, but I had in mind the following little scenario. Someone you REALLY despise has gone for a job elsewhere. Maybe s/he got the job. So you can now write to the new employer with an ANTI-reference, signed by someone senior from your company. The ANTI-reference will of course call into question your victim’s personal hygiene, their poor attendance, alcoholic tendencies, anonymous letters, in fact any kind of payback you have the imagination to conger up.

The beauty of this is that even when it’s investigated and found to be a fake, you have planted seeds of doubt in the new employer’s mind, and they will be monitoring your victim all the more closely!

(to be really effective, you want the anti-reference to LOOK genuine, so visit your own company’s website, point at the company logo, right click, and select SAVE AS so you can add the logo to your document. Add “registered address” in the footer, really go to town. I use Open-Office rather than MS-Office, but whatever you have available. Also, use a ‘heavyweight’ paper, maybe 100gsm, not cheap copier paper. Heavier paper always seems a little more ‘formal’)

This is the time of year for goodwill and joy to all men, or payback and revenge. Take your pick.

Here is my gift to you, my free payback idea.