Revenge With Answering Machines

For a great payback tactic, call your marks phone when you know he or she won’t be there to answer it and don’t say anything, just leave the phone off the hook long enough to use up the tape.

Phone your target’s answering machine repeatedly and fill the tape with static noise, vomiting sounds, the sound of a toilet flushing. Your target will have to listen to at least part of each message to ensure that there isn’t an important one among them. 

If your target is married, here is a great revenge tactic get someone of the opposite sex to leave a compromising message along the lines of: ‘Hi darling, I managed to get your phone number from your office. I don’t know why you’re being so secretive—we love each other, don’t we?  Call me today; I’ve got something really important to tell you. Love you. ‘‘If your target is a family man, have a male accomplice call and leave this message: ‘Ah, Mr. Target. Sorry I’ve missed you, but our mutual friend is eager to see the pictures you mentioned. I’ve told him what a little beauty (name of target’s child) is, and he can’t wait to teach him some new games. I’m sure you understand. If the fee we discussed is a problem, I’m sure we can come to a new agreement, but please call me back soon.  Thank you.”

If you have access to your target’s home or business answering machine, substitute your own pre-recorded message tape for your targets. Be creative with this and take your payback tactics to a different level.