Masters Of Revenge Have Updated Their Site

I know I can’t say a lot given the way that this blog looks like, but then again, I’m not a website developer.


Masters Of Revenge ( have just updated their website … and about time too!

The new site has more revenge tactics as well, bringing their product range in line with their sister site, Get Revenge On Your Ex (

The site has a new, fresh look – the links work and the whole process is a lot slicker than it was before.

Their product range now includes:

  • anonymous SMS message
  • fake callerID SMS messages
  • fake emails
  • nuisance calls
  • anti-greeting cards
  • packages, envelopes and twisted gifts
  • video messages (an absolute scream!!!)
  • full revenge websites
  • fake photographs (very clever)
  • CD messages
  • voodoo dolls
  • tart cards
  • anonymous faxes
  • phone call services
  • and certificates of “merit”

So, if you want to see how the guys at Masters have cleaned up their site, then why not take a visit: