Prank Calls

Allot of my favourite memories as a child were when we stayed up late during sleep over’s and making prank calls. It was so much fun we decided to start taping our calls so we could listen to them at a later date, the calls just got crazier and crazier as our confidence.

Me and my friends would lay around on our beds and try to better each other with our different ideas. It would be a contest to see who could keep the person talking on the phone the longest while we invented more and more obnoxious calls. It  was allot of fun and our prank calls provided us with hours of entertainment, when there was nothing to watch on the TV.

When we were little we used to think this was so funny. We would call a certain house about 15-20 times and ask for Dr. Jones. Then we would all sit around and wait for the night time and call the person and say “This is Dr. Jones do you have any messages for me?”. I know this may not seem that funny to most of you, but don’t forget we were only young!

However sometime in the late 80’s early 90′s our fun was ruined because of the introduction of caller ID and call tracing. It became very difficult to prank call someone anonymously. Yes you could use a certain number to hide your phone number but the problem was the person would refuse to pick up from a blocked number. It was a really sad time for us pranksters all our fun seemed to be taken away, but it is now time to rejoice. Prank calls are back and they are better then they were before!

Thanks to prepaid mobile phones, VOIP like Skype and caller Id spoofers. With a good caller ID spoofer you can change the Id your victims sees to almost anything you want. You could make allot of calls and insult people and harass people. Then use a caller id spoofer to make it appear like victim called and left the nasty messages. It is a great way to get the victim in trouble and annoy them with angry call-backs.

Some really funny prank calls using a caller ID spoofer could be to Planned Parenthood, Venereal Disease Treatment Clinic or Gender Reassignment Centre.

There are so many other ideas you can use with a good ID spoofer included are holiday themes to screw with some young kids. For example you could phone the kid and pretend to be an angry Santa, Dracula, Boogy Man, Wolf boy, Tooth Fairy or even the Easter Bunny, the list is endless just use your imagination.