Revenge Books We Recommend

What a book! It is that manual for Bart Simpson’s mischief-making and mayhem. Obviously it is for academic purposes only, but what a lot of chuckles it got. Now I recommend this range of manuals for all disgruntled or down trodden citizens! Some are extreme, and be aware of the American terminology.






For anyone who’s ever sworn revenge on other drivers or dreamed of getting their own back on their ex, “Revenge is Sweet” is packed with tales of the remarkable lengths people will go to in order to wreak revenge. Read about: The woman who turned her dead husband’s ashes into an egg timer – he’d been bone idle while alive so she’d put him to work once dead! The fired worker who registered the email address of her former HR Director on a number of pornographic websites so she was deluged by explicit emails. The doctor who, after being called out at 2 am for a non-urgent case, visited the patient in the early hours of the next morning to ‘check he was okay’. It also includes revenge stories from the military, the sports and political worlds and from the disturbing minds of students…



This is the mother of all revenge books! You’d have to buy more than 25 books to get all the wit and wisdom contained in this compilation from the best of Paladin’s revenge books. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations that claim to know how to get even. Paladin is still your revenge source when you need to even the score with nosy neighbours, bungling bureaucrats, snarly clerks or other pests.