It Pays To Get Revenge

Let me ask you this question – since breaking up with your ex, how much sleep have you lost?

According to a recent study undertaken by the guys at during the first month following a breakup people tend to lose, on average, a staggering 56 hours of sleep!

And while a few sleepless nights may be considered as just a fact of a breakup, there is a real cost to all of this. A study in the UK by a private health company worked out that each sleepless night costs just over £93 (US$ 143) in lost productivity, missed promotions at work, missed sales targets, days of “sick” etc.

If true, the 56 hours lost in the Revenge survey equates to an average of 12 broken broken nights. Multiply these 12 nights by £93 means that your ex has cost you a whopping £1,116 (US$ 1,716)!!!

So not only has your ex been a complete asshole, but they have cost you money!

On top of that, over 80% of those surveyed said that they spent money on alcohol, comfort food, sleep medication etc. In fact, the average amount spent on these “sleep aids” over the first month was over £150 (US$ 231), bringing the total cost to £1,266 (US$ 1,947).

That’s right – your ex has cost you nearly $2000, just from causing you to lose sleep!!!

Are they worth it?

We think not!

But what is the solution to all of this? Well I think you can guess my answer … it’s revenge!

The survey undertaken by involved 1800 people. 1200 of the study group did not purchase any products from any revenge website, nor did they undertake any actual revenge aside from the fantasy offered by websites. 600 people however, did purchase revenge products.

According to the survey, the average amount spent on revenge was around £46 (US$ 72).

So is getting revenge worth it?

Unsurprisingly, the answer is a resounding “YES” – getting revenge is definitely worth it!

While the 1200 “non revenge” people lost an average of 56 hours sleep, those who undertook revenge lost an average of just 13 hours.


Getting revenge means that you don’t lose 43 hours of sleep … or to put it in financial terms, a saving of £857 (US$ 1,317)

And what’s more, by getting revenge on your ex, your not just saving yourself money, but you are transferring the sleepless nights over to your ex and so you are going to cost them money!!!

With results like this, getting revenge really is worth doing … and the study doesn’t even begin to quantify the “feel good factor”.

So, if you think your ex isn’t worth spending money on, then think again!