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  • This technique for getting even is what I call Revenge by Post, and it is perfect to get your own back on a ex partner, co-worker or boss. It uses the embarrassment technique that will be used to deliver your anonymous revenge, so it helps if your "mark" is the type easily embarrassed. Find an empty cardboard box, glue on an address label to the place where your target works. Now comes the creative bit, you need to get a nice big label printed on your computer with something really embarrassi... more »
  • I’ve just finished creating a video based on the latest newsletter from the team at Get Revenge On Your Ex Their latest newsletter was all about sending revenge letters and as I’ve got far too much time on my hands I decided to put their newsletter to video: Obviously, all the ideas are theirs, but I did ask them for permission before doing it…. …oh, and they asked that I put this bit in my post: If you are looking to get revenge, then visit and o... more »
  • I don't know about you, but unless it's junk mail, I always open my post. Perhaps it's because of some distant childhood memory of me playing postman at the weekends and rushing to collect the post from the front door to deliver to my parents.  Whatever it is though, even to this day, I look forward to getting something in the post ... and I'm sure I'm not the only one.  In this age of emails and text messages, letters somehow seem to carry a lot more authority and for those of us wh... more »
  • Download and print this simple chilling one liner for free! Just two words (without the quote marks) on a single sheet of A4: "they know" Post the document to your victim, preferably via a friend in a different town, thus a postmark from somewhere unconnected. The font makes it all the more ominous! ... more »