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  • This is a payback prank that is fun to do on your boss, co-workers and ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend. This revenge can be tongue in cheek or as evil as you would like to make it. You need to ask yourself how bad you want to go with this website revenge. If you are planning on getting very spiteful then let me give you a few tips. You really do want to stay anonymous on this one, trust me. Right from the beginning, you will need to hide your IP address. For the people who are not techie minded... more »
  • For a great payback tactic, call your marks phone when you know he or she won’t be there to answer it and don’t say anything, just leave the phone off the hook long enough to use up the tape. Phone your target’s answering machine repeatedly and fill the tape with static noise, vomiting sounds, the sound of a toilet flushing. Your target will have to listen to at least part of each message to ensure that there isn’t an important one among them.  If your target is married, here is ... more »
  • Those guys at Get Revenge On Your Ex are obviously getting into videos Here's their first site promotion video ... not bad for a first effort, as long as you can read quickly :-) It's no surpise for you to know that I love these guys - they really are at the cutting edge of getting revenge.... more »
  • Ok, so not everyone has an asshole for a boss ... but what if you do? They make your daily life hell on earth and all you want to do is do a good job for a proper salary and get them to leave you alone! Well, the guys at GROYE are about to launch a new video messaging service where you can send your boss a video message that they'll never forget. This video is just a sample - the GROYE team will personalise your video for you!!! ... more »
  • Do you know someone who has just bought an i-phone, Blackberry or Android Phone? In fact, any posh new phone will do the trick, so long as it was purchased brand new from a retailer. If you want to assist in a side splitting but harmless practical joke, try to arrange to be around when your victim receives this downloadable, editable letter (sent by you, of course!). Perhaps you could even give them some help with the phone safety test that's required. The convincing letterhead and website... more »
  • If your revenge victim is a Windows 7 user, just alter their ip-config file. No damage can be done and you can reset the machine within seconds when you want to let them off the hook (which, of course, you will eventually!) There are easy ways to do this in Windows XP, Vista and others. Just Google up the phrase "change IP config with cmd' Check out the U-Tube video here.... more »
  • Get your revenge with shop security tags! Do you know anyone who works in retail? Maybe at a large supermarket or well known electrical retailer? Here's an easy one: just obtain a shop security tag, and sew it into the lining of your victim's handbag / jacket / coat / or whatever. Every time they leave a branch of their favourite retail store, the alarm sounds and security will come running. After a few weeks it would test the patience of a saint. . .... more »