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  • If you have a discussion with anyone about revenge then it only ever tends to go one way. ‘I don’t know about that’ people say. ‘It won’t make you feel any better’. HOWEVER, there are plenty of reasons why revenge can be a force for good in your life. Let’s face it; we aren’t all saints. Not all of us can move on as easily as we are apparently supposed to. In fact I’d suggest that the vast majority of us fall into this category. Although I’m sure we’d all like to think t... more »
  • Let me ask you this question - since breaking up with your ex, how much sleep have you lost? According to a recent study undertaken by the guys at during the first month following a breakup people tend to lose, on average, a staggering 56 hours of sleep! And while a few sleepless nights may be considered as just a fact of a breakup, there is a real cost to all of this. A study in the UK by a private health company worked out that each sleepless night costs just ove... more »
  • Full credit goes to Dan at for this tactic, and yes, I did get his permission before making this post :-) So what's it all about? Well Dan noticed that over the past few weeks the number of spam sms messages he'd been receiving had been on the increase. Not only him, but his friends, family and colleagues had also noted an increase in this annoying personal invasion. If you've never received one of these messages, allow me to elaborate. They are sent from... more »
  • Hi,    How is everything going with you?   I know that the subject line of this newsletter is a bit strange, so I think I better explain.   A couple of weeks ago we moved into a new office block to accommodate our growing team. Now, when we moved in, we didn't tell people what we really do (we're not that daft!) and we've got a great cover story.   The other day the office block management team decided to throw a "meet & greet" for all the companies within the building (it's a... more »
  •   Create your own anonymous letter, bank, utility provider etc etc. or anything else you wish to send anonymously. This can be one of the best revenge tactics.       We can also write these letters for you, (probably much cheaper than you think!). Please contact us for more details.  ... more »