Revenge Newsletters Archive

Revenge Newsletters Archive
How is everything going with you?
I know that the subject line of this newsletter is a bit strange, so I think I better explain.
A couple of weeks ago we moved into a new office block to accommodate our growing team. Now, when we moved in, we didn’t tell people what we really do (we’re not that daft!) and we’ve got a great cover story.
The other day the office block management team decided to throw a “meet & greet” for all the companies within the building (it’s a fairly new building) – nice idea, particularly after the come down from the Christmas and New Year holidays.
So, we all went along for the evening to do our bit of interaction and for the most part everyone was really nice and pleasant … except some stuck up retards who occupy the office suite opposite ours.
Why they were so stand-offish we have no idea, but the fact remains that they were really quite rude.
And since then, we’ve noticed that there are a lot of people out there at the moment, who really seem to have an attitude problem – be it shop staff, people in their cars and even telephone staff.
So this begs our question – is it just us or does everyone else seem to be really rude?
Well, this has been bugging me over the past couple of days and then to top it off, this morning I was making coffee when the owner of the office opposite us came to do the same. So, in my cheery, normal self (I am a nice guy, I promise), I said “morning”.
Now, I may be old fashioned, but I believe that if someone says “morning” to you, common courtesy is that you reply.
All I can say is that this guy must have had a different upbringing to me because all he did was stare at me … not even a grimace, a nod or anything – just stared at me!
Not phased, I finished making the coffees and as I left the kitchen area I said “have a good day” … again, no reply!
Well, given what we do day in day out, it was time to get some revenge!!!
And boy! have we had some fun today !!!
Since about 9am this morning, UK time, they have been plagued with nuisance calls … constantly! We’ve jammed all their phone lines every 3 minutes for the past 6 hours. 
They’ve complained to the building management company and even asked us if we were having problems with our phones!!! 
Of course, we said that we had a few problems the other day but apart from that absolutely nothing (even if I do say so myself, we deserve an Oscar for our acting skills!!!)
We knew nuisance calls were annoying … but seeing first hand how absolutely maddening it is has been absolutely awesome! Seriously, we should do this more often!!!
I know we get a lot of feedback about how much fun the nuisance calls are, but I can tell you from my own experience today I think I may get addicted to them!!! They are amazing!!!
I didn’t make any New Years’ resolutions but I’m going to now – everytime someone with a phone number is rude to me, they’re going to have a really, really, REALLY annoying day!!!
I honestly can’t recommend this tactic enough – it’s a blast! So, if you know someone who deserves to have the worst day imaginable then you know what to do ;-)  
See you soon,