Anonymous E-Mail

Anonymous E-Mail

computer used for e-mail-revengeHow to send offensive or hilarious e-mails anonymously using free e-mail providers such as Hotmail or Googlemail,

The ‘from’ line displayed on any computer’s e-mail client is nearly always in bold type and is almost always the line that the recipient reads first.

So you can send a message to appear in the recipients in-box with the (example) ‘from’ line: “you donkey-brained-gobshite”

Here’s how:

N.B. Please remember that this information is for ENTERTAINMENT ONLY, for ‘water-cooler banter’ or such like, and we DO NOT ENDORSE NOR RECOMMEND the idea of actually following these instructions to send hurtful or offensive e-mails to anyone, as you will be in breech of the e-mail provider’s regulations. If they can ever be arsed to do anything about it, and even then if they can ever find you, that is!

1) Go to any public Wi-Fi or internet spot, or follow these instructions from home or your workplace , depending on your level of cyber-paranoia.

2) Create an account with Yahoo, Hotmail or Googlemail or whoever. Sometimes the e-mail provider will ask for an alternative e-mail address to which to despatch a confirmation message. If so, use any of the temporary disposable 30 minute e-mail addresses from a provider like as the alternative address for confirmation purposes.

3) Create the email address with an offensive user name (which will appears in the recipients ‘from’ field in their e-mail client) by putting two or more insults as your real name; spaces are usually allowed in real names.

4) Beware that most e-mail providers filter-out offensive swear words in the e-mail address you try to create, but you might well get away with murder in the name fields!

We’ve given you hundreds of ideas, from revenge on an ex-girlfriend like ‘; to telling your boss what an asshole he is by “”.  Keep trying until the filter lets you proceed.


First name: You-Donkey
Last name: Brained-Gobshite

4) This will allow you to create an email address using using hyphens and the words above (because that’s your name!)

So, fill out the form for ‘required e-mail address’ like this: “”

5) Log-in to the new webmail account once created and send your offensive / insulting / funny e-mail to your target.

6) If you want to see if the recipient replies, you can always log-in to your webmail account a couple of days later. Don’t be surprised if the offensive address is soon removed by the provider, but by then, your message will have been despatched to the deserving recipient.

Alternatively if you are still a little concerned about your anonymity we have done all the hard work for you. Push the “TRY IT NOW”