How to Get Revenge

How to Get Revenge

How to use this website to get your payback or revenge on someone.

Revenge on some company, employer or general all-round louse who has hurt, wronged or dumped you can be the sweetest thing!But it has to be done creatively. On this website you can wreak your revenge in several ways: Download various affordable novelty items, (some editable) which *of course* you shouldn’t use for real, enabling your ‘victim’ to be paid back in some ingenious ways.


revengeful cartoon face

hell hath no fury. .

Find out how to create your own anonymous letter, or a letter of complaint.

For serious, sensible complaints to utility companies, phone companies etc




Find out how to send effective anonymous hilarious or vengeful e-mails.

For revenge on the boss, your cheating ex, or whoever you like




Find out how to send effective anonymous hilarious or vengeful sms text messages.

Send funny or offensive messages by using our fake the sender sms system.

Or, just browse through our creative revenge section, involving the simplest or most carefully planned practical revenge techniques. We’re putting in new ideas every day so watch this space!




Find out how to send effective anonymous hilarious or vengeful Greeting Cards.

Choose from our vast selection of alternative greeting cards, whether you want revenge on your boss, ex lover, work colleague I am sure you will find one or two here.




Find out how to get payback by sending embarrassing anonymous Envelopes.

Here you will find a great selection of embarrassing envelopes, postcards, packages. Choose what you want and for whatever occasion you wish, and we will send it totally anonymously.



Find out how to get your revenge by making an anonymous phone call.

 This is one of the greatest revenge pranks, if you are looking to get your revenge and you want to get your point across. This is the prank for you. We use trained revenge actors and actresses to make the calls, when the call is made you will receive a link where you can listen to the conversation. Genius…..