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  • ** I want to tell everyone what an incredible success I had with ordering a voodoo spell from this site ** Sure, some people will think it's just a scam, just another chancer on the Internet preying on gullible people, (and I understand why people might think that way), but I guarantee you, THIS REALLY HAPPENED!! We went through a very bad phase at work and over about 5 weeks I clocked up A LOT of extra hours. Some days I would be in work first thing to get things started, then as and w... more »
  • The list of reasons why you might take revenge are endless, but if you read this I suspect that either you are just curious about the contents of this article, or you already have one person, people or businesses in mind because you feel you have been damaged in some way and think they deserve to be punished. Some of the main reasons why you may want to take revenge are as follows:  1) A husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend was unfaithful to you.  2) An ex-partner lies about you to ... more »
  • Your victim has priceless roman coins under their shed / outhouse / patio / whatever. You choose where! A government-seconded company is writing to your victim; satellite imagery has found artefacts, which they can claim as treasure-trove. They may move or dismantle their shed / patio/ outhouse gazebo or whatever! Convincing editable letter & professional letterhead even has a working website address (under construction). Phone number is a related government department. 1) Download th... more »