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  • This technique for getting even is what I call Revenge by Post, and it is perfect to get your own back on a ex partner, co-worker or boss. It uses the embarrassment technique that will be used to deliver your anonymous revenge, so it helps if your "mark" is the type easily embarrassed. Find an empty cardboard box, glue on an address label to the place where your target works. Now comes the creative bit, you need to get a nice big label printed on your computer with something really embarrassi... more »
  • The list of reasons why you might take revenge are endless, but if you read this I suspect that either you are just curious about the contents of this article, or you already have one person, people or businesses in mind because you feel you have been damaged in some way and think they deserve to be punished. Some of the main reasons why you may want to take revenge are as follows:  1) A husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend was unfaithful to you.  2) An ex-partner lies about you to ... more »
  • Guys, do you know your transgressor's mobile phone number? Every time you go into a male public toilet cubicle, stick a post-it note to the back of the door: "Meet me here evenings after 6pm, I'm (victim's first name), and I'm hungry for cock. Call me or text (victims mobile number) anytime." (Don't graffiti in marker pen as that would be vandalism, which we DO NOT condone nor recommend!)... more »